"Ok, so we are going to have to stop having you work at our events since all anyone talks about afterward is your brilliant food. I've tried taking credit for it, but no one is buying that one. Thank you for your incredible work. Once again, your combination of skill, care, and creativity made for a great night."

- Chandler Sante, catering client

"Dinner was incredible!!! Everyone loved it and it turned out perfectly. Not a hitch at all. The meat came out great...the tip about the springiness was great and it was nice and pink on the inside. Thanks again so much, that was a lot of fun and I learned so much!"

- Brooke, cooking lesson client

"I just ate the sandwich again for dinner and I wanted to tell you that I truly think you make the best tasting food of anyone I know. And I know people who cook at all the fancy places in NYC. Honestly, everything you make always tastes delicious, perfect and original."

- catering client

"I just wanted to let you know that my husband & I thoroughly enjoyed our dinner last night. For the first time in our cooking lives, if we were served that food at a top restaurant we would not have been disappointed.

Our favorite part was the lamb- it was cooked to perfection for us after 15 minutes and we both agreed that it was quite possibly the best lamb we've ever had, bar none...I ate the left over eggplant caviar like it was cereal this morning!"

- cooking lesson client

"Everything worked out beautifully: the fish was delicious and not overcooked...the timbales were an ENORMOUS hit, and our guests, who are picky eaters, cleaned their plates! I had a lovely time at the lesson, and learned quite a few new things from you. The reductions and the tomato jam are useful in so many ways and now I know how to handle phyllo dough. The monkfish was so easy to cook, and you are a wonderful chef and teacher.

I thank you a hundred times, and hope we can do something again soon."

- cooking lesson client